Stankiewicz: Towards trans-European media? Lessons from the French-German and European television channel “ARTE”

We publish the talk given at Mittel Media by the anthropologist Damien Stankiewicz, New York University. Damien has carried out extensive fieldwork at the headquarter of the French-German tv network Arte. The video about Damien is published as follows: clip 1 (see also below) and clip 2.

This is his abstract:
The French-German and European television channel “ARTE,” now in its fifteenth year of existence, has a founding charter that requires it to produce programming aimed at “bringing together European peoples.” Yet producers and programmers at ARTE face a number of concrete challenges in creating television programs that will appeal to both French and German audiences. What do ARTE staff have to say about these challenges and about differences between French and German sensibilities? What can ARTE help us to understand about the prospects for a trans-European media space? Damien Stankiewicz, a cultural anthropologist who has completed a year of fieldwork at ARTE, recounts an anecdote or two from the hallways and editing rooms of ARTE.

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