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Presentations (and party) of Euregio#3

This week there will be two presentations of the issue #3 of Euregio. Both will be organised in Triest. Here are the details:

  • Thursday, h. 18. At Caffè San Marco, the journalist Edoardo Kanzian organises a debate focussed on the presentation of Euregio. Talks will be given by: Enrico Maria Milič (managing director of Euregio), Julius Franzot (writer and translator), Rosalba Trevisani (UNESCO Centre, Triest), Roberto Ambrosi (researcher in Pedagogy at the University of Triest), Stefano Amadeo (researcher in International Law at the University of Triest).
  • Saturday, h. 20.30. At the ‘Gardens of Via San Michele’, a short presentation given by Enrico Maria Milič will be followed by a concert by the band ‘Arnoux’.

At both events, copies and stickers of Euregio#3 will be distributed freely.