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The Frontiers of Consumption

by Tjaša Škamperle and Enrico Maria Milič

Abstract: There is a perception that consumer products are a direct offshoot of the stereotype that surrounds the products’ countries of origin. “If the product comes from my area I like it more”. These are some of the results of research conducted exclusively for Euregio by SWG and Valicon on Euroregional patterns of consumption

A set of data collected by the Ljubljana-based market research company Valicon, working with SWG in Triest, and commissioned exclusively for ‘Euregio’, provides us with an initial idea of how, within the Euradriatic area, the contents of shopping trolleys are linked to a national identity. Euregio has been able to analyse the questionnaires completed by about 1500 respondents, a representative sample of the citizens of Carinthia (Austria), Slovenia, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy). Continua la lettura di The Frontiers of Consumption

Presentations (and party) of Euregio#3

This week there will be two presentations of the issue #3 of Euregio. Both will be organised in Triest. Here are the details:

  • Thursday, h. 18. At Caffè San Marco, the journalist Edoardo Kanzian organises a debate focussed on the presentation of Euregio. Talks will be given by: Enrico Maria Milič (managing director of Euregio), Julius Franzot (writer and translator), Rosalba Trevisani (UNESCO Centre, Triest), Roberto Ambrosi (researcher in Pedagogy at the University of Triest), Stefano Amadeo (researcher in International Law at the University of Triest).
  • Saturday, h. 20.30. At the ‘Gardens of Via San Michele’, a short presentation given by Enrico Maria Milič will be followed by a concert by the band ‘Arnoux’.

At both events, copies and stickers of Euregio#3 will be distributed freely.

Tomorrow, at Caffé Tommaseo, Triest: flash-distribution of ‘Euregio’!

Update: place of the meeting has been moved!!!

If you are in Triest tomorrow, let’s meet! You’llget a free copy of the new issue of ‘Euregio’ and how many Euregio stickers you want… I will be there to drink some orange juice or coffee with some friends.

See you tomorrow, Friday 8 August, at 10.30 at Caffé San Marco Caffé Tommaseo in Triest, Italy Euroregion! (we discovered that Caffé San Marco is closed!!!)